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How to give using my church website

Did you know you can manage, register and give using the Generous Web Online platform on your churches website?

If you are more used to a big screen and a web browser then browse across to your church's website. Find the church's Giving page and login to the Generous Web Online User Console. (Note: there may be a button or another link to this page)

In the following example website images you can see three possibilities. Your giving page has the Login Screen, or, you select the 'Give Now' button and a modal window pops up with the Login screen, or, finally, you might see the widget in the side menu.

Type in your email address and the password you used to set up your account. If you forgot your email, no worries, just click the "Forgot password?" link and follow the recovery prompts. (Make sure you have access to your email account.)

Then click Login and you are in your church's Generous User Console. Much like the Smart Phone App you can edit your profile, account details, payment types, and church favorites. You can even see your past transactions, calculate your tithes, plus lots more.

See managing my account for more on how to use the web online or app interface.

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