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Editing and updating your campaigns

You can modify and change a number of default settings in your campaign: add, edit, and delete the pages, add images, change the background colors, instantly view your changes, and so on.

  1. Click Fund Raising > Campaigns, and choose a campaign.

Tip: You can easily add a new page by clicking Page:

  1. Under the URL field, right-click the View hyperlink, and click Open link in new tab (you can use a separate tab in your browser to instantly preview the changes you make).

To exclude a web-page from the campaign, scroll down to the Header Pages area, and click the Active hyperlink in the Status column, for example: 

To re-arrange the campaign's website menus, point to the ellipsis icon until the cursor changes its shape (displayed in the screen-shot above), then drag and drop the page up or down on the list of pages.

To edit the web-page's default template, click its hyperlink in the Name column, then click the specific area's hyperlink, and change the wording, options, layout, etc., for example:

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